The rabble podcast network is a growing collection of Canadian podcasts that offer an alternative take on politics, entertainment, society, stories, community and life in general. They’ve been handpicked and are hosted on a platform created by, Canada’s leading online news service for the progressive left.

Podcasts are short, web-based audio shows you can download as MP3 files.That’s the same format used for most music on the Internet. Once you download a podcast, you can listen to it on your desktop computer or laptop, or transfer it to your iPod or other MP3 music player and take it on the road with you.

Most podcasts are produced by ordinary folks with just a computer, a microphone and opinions or ideas they want to share. We think podcasts are the most democratic medium to come along since, well, the Internet itself. That’s why we’ve created rabble radio.

The rabble radio podcast not only features some of the folks behind, but introduces you to fresh Canadian voices, places and music. Like, we want rabble radio to become the information and entertainment destination of choice for Canada’s progressive left.

“Tune-in” options

Listen on site

Just press play on the embedded flash player beside the podcast of your choice. You can fire it up and tune into rabble radio podcasts while you go about other work.

Download and listen

Or, you can download the podcast using the listen/down button. That way, a copy of the podcast will be sent to your computer’s hard drive so you can store it and listen to it any time you want. You can even transfer it to your MP3 player for on-the-go listening.


But, the best podcast experience comes from subscribing to a podcast. It’s just like subscribing to a magazine, except it’s free. If you’re using podcast aggregator or podcatcher (a piece of software that can help you subscribe to podcasts) just click on the subscribe button and cut and paste the URL provided there, into your podcast subscription software. We like iPodderX (Mac only) or ipodder (Windows and Mac), but there are lots of podcatchers around.

If you use iTunes better still, which we think is the best podcatcher/ music player out there, you can subscribe to rabble radio just by clicking on the iTunes Users button.

Welcome to the rpn — an important part of a balanced audio diet.