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My name is Lynn Gehl and I am Algonquin Anishinaabe-kwe from the Ottawa River Valley Canada.  I have been working for over 25 years on my section 15 Charter challenge.  Although Canada has the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which states we have the right to live free from sex discrimination I, and many other people, are not afforded this right.

Although the Indian Act was amended in 1985 and 2011 to remove the sex discrimination, all of the sex discrimination was not removed while additional sex discrimination was created.  In this way, these amendments are best understood as failed remedial legislation.

Since 1985, through Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada’s (AANDC) “unstated” paternity policy, Canada discriminates against Indigenous people when their father’s signature is not ascribed to their birth certificate. More particularly, what happens in these situations is that AANDC assumes the father is a non-Indian, where as a result many children born to mothers registered under section 6(2) of the Indian Act are denied Indian status and thus their treaty rights, First Nation band membership, First Nation citizenship, and are marginalized in the land claims and self-government process. 

Disturbingly, this policy of denial remains in place in situations of incest, rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, and prostitution.

Help me help mothers and children end this sex discrimination.  Your support through purchasing my book – one book or a book bundle – titled “Mkadengwe: Sharing Canada’s Colonial Process through Black Face Methodology” will help me continue forward with my movement.

All discriminations – sexism, racism, and ableism – are connected.  No one is free until the most oppressed is free.  By standing behind this effort you will be working to liberate yourself as well.

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