If you tend to focus your activist interests on environmental and animal justice – or you want to find a way to get involved – check out some simple ways to do so.


This “Ten Commandments for Changing the World” is a really fun and simple list of ways to get involved with any type of activism. The ideas are a good starting point for a new activist, and maybe a way to curb the cynicism of hardened activists too. Remember to frame your goals in terms of ACTION and to use the resources you have around you. For example, be sure to take advantage of new and traditional media to raise awareness, and keep your fellow activists in tip-top shape by looking out for one another. We can all do better work when we’re part of a caring community and we support communities endeavours.


You can check out the Care2 petition site’s “Environment and Wildlife” page for more environmental campaigns to support. Put your name behind the movement to save endangered species or hold harmful corporations to account.