A few weeks ago, the a Toronto Star editorial stated:

As Susan Delacourt and Bruce Campion Smith reported, the Prime Minister’s Office is providing newly shuffled Conservative ministers with a rather unusual transition document. The binders reportedly include not only standard details such as “What to expect soon” and “Who to appoint,” but also “Who to engage or avoid: friend and enemy stakeholders” and “What to avoid: pet bureaucratic projects.” And originally, but later rescinded, staff were asked to enumerate “bureaucrats that can’t take no (or yes) for an answer.” In short, the PMO instructed ministerial aides to compile a list of enemies.

Intelligent dissenters, people who have an opinion that differs from the Prime Ministers office, people who have a project that they want to see implemented, are not welcome or ‘enemies’.  Non-governmental organizations, independent agencies, scientists, research organizations that have not agreed with the government have been under attack–are they on a list of enemies too?

Project Democracy has launched a fun tool where we can sign on and find out who is on this list.  Click here to submit your name or someone you care about’s name.   While you are at it, take the Project Democracy survey and get information that will interest you for the upcoming election.