Attawapiskat is a recent example of the unacceptable living conditions on reserves.

On October 18, 2011 the northern Ontario reserve declared a state of emergency because of the dire housing crisis in the community. Limited access to water, health care, adequate schooling and squalid living conditions contributed to the announcement. But these conditions aren’t new to indigenous communities.

Colonialism, chronic underfunding and government disinterest have resulted in First Nations people living in tents and condemned houses in freezing temperatures. As soon as Attawapiskat started to receive attention from mainstream media, Conservatives tried to discredit their assertions, claiming that the reserve was well funded. A great article by Âpihtawikosisân break down where the money that has been recieved has been spent – and why it’s not enough.Other First Nations that have declared a state of emergency include:


Constance Lake


Cross Lake