Raising the minimum wage lifts all boats.  It means people can afford to pay rent and for other necessities.  It means one less part-time job and a few more hours with the people you love. The Workers Action Centre was been at the forefront of the movement to raise the minimum wage in Ontario to $14 last year.  We got some wins, and Ontario’s minimum wage will go up to $11.25 per hour on October 1, 2015 and it will be indexed to the Ontario Consumer Price Index.

However, there are still workers struggling to make it and $11.25 will not get people out of poverty. There are still workers exempted from getting the same minimum wage as others.  One of the promises from the Federal NDP and from the Alberta NDP is a $15 minimum wage.  Let’s fight for that in Ontario, and in every province, and for federal workers.  Endorse the Ontario campaign for $15 and fairness here.