People from coast to coast to coast have been taking action against Bill C-51.  We need to keep up the momentum.  The Bill passed out of committee this week with a handful of very superficial changes, and the Harper Government has already sent this bill to the Senate for a preliminary review.  So when the Members of Parliament return to Ottawa on April 20th, they may face a vote quite soon afterwards.  Then, with the preliminary review, the time Bill C-51 spends in Senate may be shortened. 

Members of Parliament are in their ridings from April 3rd to April 19th. has set up a thunderclap on Twitter, scheduled for 10AM on April 13th, and scroll down for a overarching calender and links to local actions planned for the week of education, April 13th to 20th, here.

Please join these actions and let’s stand up of our civil liberties.