PASAN is a community organization, based in Toronto, that seeks to reduce harm for prisoners and ex-prisoners. Their work is based around AIDS/HIV and hepatits C education, awareness and activism. After 23 years of service, PASAN is one of the only grassroots organizations providing health education to prisoners and ex-prisoners. 

They have an incredible list of health resources on their website, including info sheets on safer drug practices and disease self-management practices. The organization has also developed resources directed specifically to Aboriginals, trans prisoners, women and other minorities.

PASAN also offers the following services:

-emergency financial assistance

-training programs for groups working with prisoners or drug-users


-a national AIDS hotline for prisoners

-social/medical/housing support and planning for prisoners 

And that’s just a sample. In 2013, the organization was honoured with the Ontario Aids Network Award in recognition of their contribution to advancing the cause of social justice in HIV/AIDS.