The UN has asked for more than $434 million in response to the immediate crisis but remains well short of the goal.  The Canadian federal and provincial governments have committed more than $25 million in humanitarian assistance funding for Bangladesh and Myanmar so far this year.

Here is a list, in alphabetical order, of some Canadian registered charities which are working on the ground to help the Rohingya.

There are also Canadians who are helping on the ground, like Dr. Fouzia Alvi, a family physician from Calgary.  According to the Toronto Star, she flew to the refugee camp on Oct. 23, 2017 with ICNA Relief, has treated more patients than she has been able to count in a small tent with some wooden tables and chairs.  When she was interviewed by the Toronto Star Alvi hadn’t slept for five days. ”She couldn’t. She sees children the same age as hers running around the camp with no clothes, no parents. Young girls, the same as her 11-year-old daughter, are reluctant to talk about the violence they experienced, but cry silently when asked about it.”

Please donate and please continue to work with the Rohingya and demand the recognition of their rights.  There is a lot more to be done. As of now most Rohingya are landless and they fighting for the right to return.  We will continue to post tools on how to help.  

If you want your registered charitable organization listed here, send a link to your donation page to [email protected].