Last week Maher Arar announced that he will be using his entrepreneurial and software development skills to develop a new tool aimed at making it easier for milennials (or folks with smartphones) to connect with causes that are important to them.  You can register your organization on the app, download the beta version of CauseSquare and start using it here

Want to know more about CauseSquare and what it does.  I found the letter by Maher Arar about the product informative so I have copied the text of the email below.



Subject: What can CauseSquare do for me?  


This is the most important question that must be on your mind these days, especially after the widespread media coverage about CauseSquare. I don’t blame you. 

Let me start by stating what CauseSquare is not:

  • CauseSquare is not a listing directory.
  • CauseSquare is not only a fundraising tool.
  • CauseSquare is not simply an app.

Tell me what CauseSquare is then?

  • CauseSquare is a mobile engagement platform that makes it easier and more cost effective for nonprofits to engage Millennials in their causes.
  • CauseSquare tailors the in-app experience to this generation’s unique volunteering and giving habits.

What does this mean?

  • CauseSquare provides an effective way to reach out to Millennials on their smartphones via push notifications. This technology has a 4x better open rate than email.
  • CauseSquare uses gamification (points and badges) to entice users to use the app frequently.
  • In simple words, CauseSquare focuses on repeat engagement(it feels awful that current donor retention rates are on the decline. Doesn’t it?)

I appreciate what you are telling us about CauseSquare but how will the above help me as a fundraising and a communications manager?

  • CauseSquare helps you reach out to a generation that you would otherwise not reach with costly and inefficient direct mail campaigns.
  • CauseSquare gives you more visibility and attention as your message is now delivered by an untapped and uncrowded communication medium that doesn’t have a “junk folder” where your message may get lost.
  • CauseSquare’s one-tap in-the-moment and on-the-go giving lessens the friction to donate which results in substantially higher fundraising revenue for your organization.

I am sold. But what will make Millennials gravitate towards CauseSquare?

Before answering this question it is important to know the following important facts about this misunderstood generation:

  • Millennials range in age from 20 to 35 years old (30-35 have established well paying jobs).
  • 83% of Millennials own and carry a smartphone at all times.
  • Millennials care about social issues more than any other generation.
  • Millennials prefer to support causes (and not organizations) through P2P.
  • Millennials give a lot of importance to social proof.
  • Millennials may not give as much to causes but they share the word with their peers and family on social media.
  • Millennials are impulsive and have short attention spans (shorter than eight seconds) and prefer visual messages as opposed to textual ones.
  • Millennials have $300 billion in spending power and will soon inherit $41 trillion from older generations.

Here’s why Millennials will be attracted to CauseSquare (we will soon release an audio interview with a group of Millennials which was recorded while they were using the app):

  • Millennials can find and support causes at their fingerprints.
  • Millennials see concise information on the app including a short introduction video.
  • Millennials can donate using a one-tap process, similar to Amazon’s one-click purchase.
  • Millennials will find the 5-star rating system crucial to their decision making (upcoming feature).
  • Millennials are better considered as fundraisers. P2P fundraising features will soon be available.
  • Millennials can easily share the organization’s cause on their social media. The app makes it easy to do so.
  • Millennials get rewarded by earning points and badges for doing good on the app. This applies not only to donating but also to volunteering and to sharing the organization’s mission on their social networks!

I am a Millennial. What other practical benefits does the app offer me?

  • You can follow all your favourite causes in one place.
  • You can keep track of your volunteering hours and donations (useful for tax time. Isn’t it?).
  • You can now officially refer to your CauseSquare’s altruistic achievements on your CV. Doing social good increases your chances of finding a job. Most importantly, it officially recognizes your contributions and you are free to brag about it, if you like 

I am sold. How can I get started?

Millennials can download the beta app here.

Nonprofits can include the profile of their organization here.

The following are useful video tutorials (just click on the text to watch):

1- How CauseSquare Helps You Engage Millennials In Your Cause

2- App promo video

3- How to create an organization profile and open a WePay account:



6- How to invite people to join your cause on the CauseSquare app:

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Those organizations who are still having difficulty completing their profile after watching the tutorials, or don’t know where or how to start can simply reply to this email and I will make sure to get in touch promptly.


Best regards,
Maher Arar, PhD, Mobile Communications
CEO, CauseSquare