Code Pink is a grassroots solidarity initiative that opposes Western militarism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and other countries around the world.

The goal of challenging U.S.-funded occupation around the world is to redirect militaristic budgets towards social programs like health care, education, and green living. By their own definition, the group is a “women-initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement.”

Code Pink is focused on U.S. funding of military action around the world. Getting involved with the organization’s events or using their resources are a great way to support freedom and human rights everywhere from Pakistan to Thailand to Turkey.

Some of the resources you can find on the Code Pink website:

campaign to Boycott Sodastream

-frequently updated blog called PINK Tank discussing campaigns, global events, and CODEPINK meetings

-a side projected called “Women Occupy: a space to connect, share learn and build

Action Toolkit with tips and resources for all kinds of activist efforts