Especially in households making an effort to eat more plants and less meat, it’s easy for the waste to get out of control really quickly! You might be surprised how much of your regular “trash” you can cut down by including some sort of composting system in your daily routine. Of course all the typical peelings, tops and produce skins are compostable, and it feels great to use them for an environmental worthwhile purpose. But you may not know that eggshells, muffin wrappers and coffee grounds can all go into the compost too!


If you’re an educator and you’d like to share the idea of composting with your students, check out this fun resource “Composting Goes to School.” It’s a guide for talking about the concept and encouraging a little more green bin action in everyone’s life.


Many areas are now operating city-wide compost systems, where a green bin is collected with garbage and recycling. This makes the composting process extremely simple and easy to implement. This is a great thing to stress to students, because it means they can begin composting at home with very little effort and without needing a ton of construction effort or parental supervision.