In 2015 we were disgusted by the so called Fair Voting Actthe disenfranchisement of millions of Canadians, the skewing of Elections Canada finance regulations, and the blatant  skewing of election finance rules to favour the party with the deepest pockets.

Now we have an opportunity to demand that this is the last unfair election we have to suffer through.  Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have committed to making the next Canadian election more fair. Read about the Liberal plan for election reform

However, we know that election promises do not become reality unless we organize to make them happen.

  • Make your vote count in 2019 (or the next federal election): First past the post systems mean we often get the candidate we don’t want.  We want proportional representation.  Great organizing by Fair Vote Canada and others led to the Liberals promise to end the first past the post system. Click here to join the movement to make sure the promise is kept.

  • Why did we have to pay for blatantly partisan advertising: Support Democracy Watch’s campaigns calling for investigations into Conservative spending on election ads and other irregularities.

  • Undo the Harper government’s voting regulations:  The  so called “Fair Elections Act” made it harder for Canadians to vote and disenfranchised over 1 million Canadians.  Make sure the Liberal government keeps its promise to repeal it. Support the Council of Canadians’ Charter Challenge related to the Fair Elections Act.