It can be hard to direct your organizing efforts towards a broad social issue without feeling defeated. Climate change is a hot topic – but it’s hard to see an immediate and tangible impact even with incredibly worthwhile projects, like a community garden or compost initiative. Of course, this doesn’t mean the impact isn’t there – it just means that you have to find a way to distill a social issue into manageable chunks, like reducing meat consumption on your block, or bringing the capability to compost to your apartment building. 

That’s why it’s so important to have an understanding of how to “cut” issues down into reasonable, achievable goals. Check out this great resource from The Change Agency on how to go about doing it. They’ve developed a mini workshop for groups that are looking to focus their energies on a smaller subset of a global challenge. There are a million little steps that you can take to organize realistically and effectively within a larger social justice movement of climate change.

While cutting down an issue may unearth a multitude of smaller goals, it’s the best way to “work within your sphere of influence (and what’s actually possible)” as the Change Agency workshop notes. So get out the chart paper and starting cutting down your issues.