Chrystia Freeland decided to blame both parties for the deaths in Gaza despite the fact that other countries are being far more unambiguous in their criticism of Israel’s monstrous attack on protestors.  So what can we do when the federal Liberal government insists on being a mealy mouthed supporter of genocide?

1)  Contact Chrystia Freeland to demand action and if you can join this emergency action at her office 

2)  Share the many tools and stories being circulated of the protest and the attacks on social media.

3) Engage your friends and talk about what is happening.  The silencing of debate about Israel and Palestine is literally deadly.

4) Donate to organizations working on human rights and to help Palestinians.  The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign has put together a list of local organizations which you could support. 

5) Support Canadian organizations like the Canadian Boat to Gaza as they build support for the Al Awda, the Freedom Flotilla boat which set sail from Norway on Monday, April 30th.   Despite the federal government repression of BDS Canada, it continues to exist, and organizatins like Amnesty International continue to publish reports.

The international community has calling for the UN Human Rights Council to have a meeting about the Gaza killings, which will happen on Friday. Stay tuned to how Canada handles this inquiry.