This Seven Section Curriculum was created by the Examining Community-Institutional Partnerships for Prevention Research Group. The curriculum is free and can be printed from the website

“The curriculum intends to foster critical thinking and action on issues impacting CBPR [Community-Based Participatory Research] and community-institutional partnerships. The curriculum is built upon a combination of experiential and didactic approaches to teaching and learning. Through clearly presented content, examples and exercises that stimulate new ways of thinking “outside of the box,” you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the basic principles of CBPR and strategies for applying them

  • Understand the key steps involved in developing and sustaining CBPR partnerships

  • Identify common challenges faced by CBPR partnerships and suggested strategies and resources for overcoming them

  • Develop and enhance skills for all partners that will enhance their capacity for supporting and sustaining authentic CBPR partnerships

The curriculum includes seven units. Each unit contains:

  • Learning objectives

  • In-depth content information about the topic(s) being presented

  • Examples and interactive exercises that are designed to trigger discussion and to help better understand the concepts being presented

  • Citations and suggested resources, selected based on their relevance and usefulness to the unit’s learning objectives

The focus of the curriculum is on developing and sustaining CBPR partnerships. It does not include substantive content on methods for conducting the actual research (i.e., the benefits and limitations of different study designs, methods for collecting and analyzing data).”[]