During the 2015 election, there will be 30 new ridings scattered through British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. The boundaries in 70 per cent of the remaining ridings in the country have changed. Many of the riding names have changed, too. (You can find maps of all of them on Elections Canada’s website.

The process of reviewing federal electoral districts is a deciennial process mandated by the Constitution of Canada.   Read more about the process here.   However,  changes add another layer of unpredictability for an election year.   

Which riding are you in: You can find out which riding you are in by entering your postal code, your electoral district name, a registered candidates name, by map, or by place name–click here to go to the Elections Canada page.

Which ridings in your community changed:  To get a list of all the new names and the size of ridings and other interesting information, start with the Elections Canada pages, and then dig into the reports by the provincial commission to find out about the political decisions that determined where borders would fall.

Okay so now I know my riding, where is my polling station?  It looks like all this information will be available on the Election Canada riding page but is not available as yet.  It will be available closer to election day. 

Remember Election Day is Monday, October 19, 2015.  You can vote before then at advance voting locations on selected dates.  Learn more from Elections Canada.