Blogging is a form of media that the feminist community has taken to wholeheartedly over the past decade. While some blogs remain small-scale, intimate pictures of individual lives and struggles, others have become incredibly popular around the world.

A few of the better-known feminist blogs include:

Feministing – run by a series of editors since 2004, headed by Jessica Valenti.

Feministe – self-described as one of the oldest feminist blogs on the Internet.

Reappropriate – run by an “angry Asian-American woman” who was raised in Toronto, Reappropriate is a pop-culture critique with strong feminist undertones.

Red Jenny – A progressive, Toronto blogger.

Bitch PH.D – Alive and well since 2004.

Angry for a ReasonA place to vent my frustrations about living in a effed up white male dominated, ableist, capitalistic society. And if you’re mean, misogynistic, or in any other way effed up I will delete you. And yes, it is at my discretion. Whine about it elsewhere.”

There are also many feminist group blogs. Using RSS feeds, these blogs aggregate other feminist blogs for one-stop reading. 

Feminist blogs – “Feminist Blogs is a community of weblogs by self-identified feminists, women’s liberationists, womanists, and pro-feminist men. We use free software to syndicate our weblogs, in order to raise awareness, bring together feminist voices, and promote cross-linking and discussion between feminist bloggers.”

Along with group blogs there are associations of feminist bloggers to cross-promote the huge world of feminist blogging.

Carnival of Feminists – Every second Wednesday a feminist blogger curates a feminist blogging show. She or he usually chooses a topic and then browses the blogosphere for interesting comment from a feminist perspective. The results are published on his or her blog during the “carnival.”

BlogHer – A community of women who blog (not necessarily all feminist-identified).