The federal government has been spraying First Nation lands with Roundup, a glycophosphate-based herbicide which many studies says is carcinogenic. The impacted First Nations commmunities have been raising concerns about this for over five years, and have not been heeded

In September 2019, 21 First Nations along the North Shore of Lake Huron (including those on Manitoulin Island) brought a suit against the federal government over aerial spraying on their lands, actions that they say negatively affect the environment and human health. The Traditional Ecological Knowledge Elders of Robinson Huron Treaty say that spraying is part of a bigger issue, in that First Nations are not consulted about activities taking place on their land. The elders say that violates the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850.

Suing the government will cost them over $100,000 — can you donate today to keep this battle of a lifetime going?

Image: Global Justice Now/Flick​