There are a ton of fun, free tools online that can help take your activist efforts to the next level. Designing infographics can be a useful way to expand your understanding of new media and online tools, while also creating awesome and engaging visuals to enhance your campaign.


Check out this post from the Creative Bloq on some of the free programs out there to help you build infographics – without spending hours designing them from scratch.


Different systems work best depending on your information and goals. For instance, resources like Piktochart and Venngage will give you a colourful, picture-heavy representation of simpler data splits, while apps like Get About or InFoto Free are for more specific outputs (social media activity and cell phone photography).


If you’ve already experimented with infographics, see if any of these programs will offer you a new and fresh take on your usual process:



Google Developers


InFoto Free



Get About