Around the world, postal services have been coming up with new ideas about how to deliver services that people need.  Despite the fact that some of us rely on the internet more and more, getting mail matters. It matters to small businesses, it matters to many people across the country for whom Canada Post is integral.

So what are some other things post offices could do?  Read this great article from The Economist about the U.S. postal service’s idea to provide financial services.  France and other countries are already doing this and, as this article from The Nation showsthe entry of the postal service into financial services has reduced the predatory power of payday lenders.  Another innovation from France is La Poste Mobile is that the the post office sells SIM cards and phones that compete with the major telecom providers.  Canadians pay more for telecom services than most other countries in the world, and we need more affordable options. 

These are just some ideas for what Canada Post could do to serve your community better.  Send Deepak Chopra a note by clicking here, and let him know how Canada Post can do better for your community.