Right now, Coalition Avenir Quebéc is wreaking havoc on immigrant rights and has tabled Bill 9 which, among other things, proposes to throw out the current backlog of immigrant files, refund the money and leave approximately 40,000 people in limbo.  Given the CAQ platform, there are more attacks to come.  Here are some organizations which are supporting immigrants with their mental health needs and need your support. 

 ACCÉSSS (Montreal)
ACCÉSSS (The Alliance of the Cultural Communities for Equality in Health and Social Services) is a federation of more than a hundred community organizations which is dedicated to the promotion of accessibility and the adaptation of healthcare and social services to members of the ethnocultural communities established in Quebec.

AMI Québec (Montreal)
AMI-Québec, a grassroots organization, is committed to helping families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance and advocacy.

Cultural Consultation Service
The Cultural Consultation Service of the Jewish General Hospital Department of Psychiatry provides comprehensive assessment and evaluation of patients from diverse cultural backgrounds, including immigrants, refugees and members of ethnocultural communities, as well as Aboriginal peoples.

Interpreting, Support, and Referral Services for Immigrants
Interpreting, Support, and Referral Services for Immigrants (SIARI) offers a range of services that aim at assisting immigrants with the integration processes: language courses, information on Quebec and various services that are available to immigrants, counseling services, social support, and others.

PRAIDA (Montreal)
PRAIDA provides services exclusively for asylum seekers (psychosocial services, shelter, representation in the courts, legal aid, welfare and referrals to health institutions) waiting for their legal status.

Revivre (Montreal)
Revivre is a non-profit organization that aims to help people suffering from anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, and the people close to them.

RIVO (Montreal)
RIVO aims to serve persons affected by various kinds of organized violence, including torture. Most people referred for assistance are asylum seekers, but RIVO also works with permanent residents and citizens (or persons with irregular status). RIVO functions as a network of service providers, as opposed to a centre housing all services under one roof. Most members of RIVO are psychologists or social workers, but some come from different fields of work such as community work and medicine.

South Asian Women’s Centre (Montreal)
The South Asian Women’s Community Centre is an organization that helps women achieve their full potential in the Québec and Canadian societies and also helps them become independent. It offers settlement programs for refugees and new immigrants, interpretation and translation services, counselling on marital, family, legal, immigration and health related issues, and opportunities to drop in and converse in South Asian languages.