Across Canada, hatred is being cynically spread and empowered by right wing media and politicians.   We are currently facing down a slew of elections where populists are using racism and hate to try to win. 

It is manifesting in murder but also in property crime, verbal assaults and physical assault.  Hate is not new and many of us have unfortunately learned to ignore it and ‘shake it off’.  However, to combat it we must document it.  

Here are two initiatives to document the incidences of hate in Canada

The Canadian Atlas of Populist Extremism:  The Vancouver-based Morgane Oger Foundation has issued a call for volunteers to help build the Canadian Atlas of Populist Extremism, to be known as CAPE.  The mapping tool would tie together extremist groups and people regularly associated with them, and also map incidents involving hate across Canada.  There are great groups who are digging into hate groups in Canada, like Anti-Fascist News,The Anti-Racist Collective Canada, GREDA, the Canadian Civil Liberty Association and its provincial affiliates, and the Canadian Anti Hate Network.  This mapping project may provide a useful way to visualize their work.
The NCCM Hate Crimes Map: The National Council of Canadian Muslims has been tracking anti-Muslim incidents across Canada since 2013.  The map is startling. The information listed in this online map is based on cases of hate crimes, alleged or confirmed, and hate incidents, reported to NCCM, and/or reported to the police and/or reported to media. To report a crime or incident, click here & contact your local police service.