The International Solidarity Movement is a loosely affiliated Palestinian solidarity group that works with civilians travelling to the West Bank and Gaza to participate in non-violent protest against the [[Israeli occupation]].



The ISM was founded as a movement in August, 2001 by several Palestinian, Israeli and American activists in the wake of the beginning of the [[Second intifada]]. It was envisioned as a non-heirarchical affiliation and not an organization per se; any Palestinian solidarity activist who agrees to the principles may travel and operate under the rubrick of the ISM. These principles are a belief in the right of the Palestinian people to freedom and self-determination as set forth under UN and international law and a committment to use only [[non-violent tactics]] in Palestine. ISM volunteers typically coordinate with local Palestinian community organizations and peace groups while travelling, taking a supporting role rather than a leadership one.


Purpose and tactics

Individual volunteers engage in active resistance in the occupied terrorities. This occurs in several distinct ways. They are:

  1. documention what they see on the ground
  2. provision of a small degree of protection to Palestinian civilians by their presence
  3. blocking of Israeli army tanks and demolition equipment
  4. provision of escort to families under threat, ambulances,
  5. delivering food, water, medical aid and messages

The ISM also organizes speaking tours and engagments for volunteers upon their return home, in order to educate their communities.



  • ISM activists were present during the extended Israeli army seige of Yasser Arafat’s compound in Ramallah and also during the seige of the Church of the Nativity.
  • In March of 2003, [[Rachel Corrie]] was killed after being run over by an Israeli bulldozer.
  • In April, 2003 Thomas Hurndall was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper while escorting Palestinian children to safety. He lapsed into a coma and died one year later.


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