This tumblr, called “It Gets Fatter” showcases a body positivity project for folks of colour. To quote the group, it is “a body positivity project started by fat queer people of colour, for fat people of colour!” It’s a great community for self-identified fat people of colour, particularly folks that also identify as queer, trans, disabled or lower-income. The site shows preference to submissions from the above folks – whether it’s a video, letter of support, personal story, or photos.


The It Gets Fatter blog is a great place to educate yourself on a body positive movement. The personal stories and other resources take a really powerful stand against fat shaming, and helping to promote their message does too.


Additionally, there are lots of links to, and promotion of, valuable campaigns, lectures, and conferences on the It Gets Fatter blog. If you’re interested in issues of social activism and solidarity for trans folks of colour, this is definitely a resource to check out.