Racists are organizing in Quebec on July 1.  The Groupe de recherche sur l’extrême droite et ses allié-e-s (GREDA) recently published a blog in French detailing these actions.  There will be two large protests.  One is by the Mouvement Patriotique du Québec- starting at the St-Louis Square in Montréal at 13:00 and ending at the statue of Dollard des Ormeaux at the Parc Lafontaine 


There is also going to be an anti-refugee protest by the Storm Alliance, starting at 11am at the Roxton Pound point of entry into Canada in the municipality of Hemmingford which is to the south-west of Montreal.  According the M. Tregget, the president of the Storm alliance, the protest has the support of La Meute, the Movement Republican du Quebec and the Coalition of Concerned Citizens. 

Solidarity Across Borders is helping to organize the counter-protest.  Transportation will be leaving Montreal at 8am sharp from Montreal. If you want a ride to Hemmingford from Montreal, please reserve a place in the vehicles before 8 pm EST, Thursday 29th of June.  To reserve send an email to [email protected].

Read more about the racist groups which are organizing in Quebec here.