If you’re an Ontario resident, you might want to be concerned about the potential for tar sands oil to run through your city. Enbridge Pipelines’ “Line 9” cuts through a ton of major cities in the province: Toronto, Sarnia, Hamilton, London, Kingston and many more. That’s not to mention the indigenous territories and waterways the pipeline crosses.

The dangers of oil from the tar sands are numerous. It’s more corrosive to pipelines than traditional oil, which makes spills and similar incidents a serious concern – especially because Line 9 is almost 40 years old. The heavy crude that Enbridge wants to ship through the pipeline is also more harmful to human health, and challenging to clean if a spill occurs. From a safety standpoint, having a more dangerous oil in an old pipeline (and a higher risk of spills!) seems positive asinine.

There is a ton of great additional information and a nice visual representation of the pipeline found here.