When was the last time you went to bed when you felt tired? How about the last time you said “I feel fulfilled, rested, and ready to get to work!” For most of us, it was a long (long) time ago. And in a culture that values being “busy” it can be hard to carve out a meaningful self care routine.

That’s why the Self Care Project is such a great initiative – it’s that push to engage in activities that keep mind, body and heart healthy. The program will run workshops to help activists reclaim that idea of preventative emotional, mental and physical health care. Taking these steps and prioritizing self-care is the best way to get the most out of your activist work (or any other work for that matter).

The founder has written fantastic piece on rabble in the past, complete with nine tips for activists. My favourite lines: 

“[The idea of self-care] is not an easy topic; often associated with self-indulgence, it can be seen as a luxury that can wait until after the next crisis.”


“Reclaiming a right to be worthy of care is an important challenge to the dominant system.”

Let’s make waves even in activist communities, and make self-care a priority again.

Applications for #selfcare2016 are currently being accepted until Jan 10th. Apply on the website.