Currently, the Global Day of Action to stop the repression against unionists and labour activists is commemorated on November 16th, principally in the Asia Pacific region where it originated.  The demands of the organizers are simple:

·         Stop the killings of workers and unionists

·         Free comrades in jail

·         Organising is not a crime

·         Stop sexual violence against women workers

·         Support unions as they save workers’ lives

·         Un-organised workers are used as cheap labour, a living wage for all

This year the organizers are demanding action on the eight campaigns.  

Trade unionists around the world continue to build and struggle and face repression.  On November 18th, two days after the Global Day of Action,  an armed group murdered two striking workers from the Canadian-owned Media Luna gold mine in the state of Guerrero, Mexico.  Mining Watch Canada has been fighting to make sure that Canadian mining companies are held accountable for their impact around the world, and they published this statement from REMA, the Mexican Network of those Affected by Mining.  One thing you could do to stand against repression of trade unionists and labour activists is to support groups like Mining Watch which are trying to hold Canadian companies accountable, and another is make sure you let legislators who roll back the hard won rights of workers, with measures like back to work legislation, accountable.