Saturday November 26, Noah Rabbani is a 15 year old Canadian-Pakistani teenager was brutally attacked by two white men who stole his backpack and beat him severely with a baseball bat.  The attack occured in Hamilton, Ontario.  This article has an account of what he said, how he wanted to spare his parents alarm, how he says one man just kept hitting him with the bat.

Noah was released from hospital on December 3rd, after initial treatment for extensive injuries to his brain, jaw, limbs and spine.  His skull was cracked.

His recovery will be a long process, and he will require extensive dental surgery, physiotherapy, learning aids, house aids, tutoring, etc. Many of these expenses are not covered by OHIP and his family will have to pay out of pocket.  Support the GoFundme site set up to support Noah.  There is also a vigil organized for Sunday Nov. 4th.