There is no doubt that the war in Syria is monstrous, however the current rationale for escalating the bombing may be hasty and is not the answer.

 Robert Fisk visited Douma and filed this report with The Independent.  Most of the victims were suffering from oxygen deprivation because entire areas have been reduced to rubble and the survivors are living underground and being bombed relentlessly.   However Fisk reports that, according to the doctor at the clinic where the photos alleging a gas attack and others, poison gas use was not in evidence.  Mainstream media and politicians are using spurious information to justify the bombing of Syria, even though efforts to confirm an attack by scientists is still underway.   It sounds a bit like the drive to war because of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and in so many other instances.

Bombing is not the answer.  It will not make people’s lives better.  The reports from the ground now are that the best way to improve people’s lives is for the war to stop, not to escalate as neigbouring countries pursue agendas to address Kurdish influence and Iranian influence.  

There have not been the massive mobilizations against the war Syria, perhaps because of the horrors we have seen perpetrated which makes this endless war feel justified to too many.  Many peace organizations are demanding action in Syria and so are not listed here.  Other peace organizations have continued to demand an end to hostilities and need your support. 

  • United for Peace and Justice is an American based coalition, which has a spate of tools including a petition against the recent escalation.  Given that Trump and Macron are central to the new attacks, check out their site and amplify their work.
  • The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace program has been campaigning for peace in Syria by calling on the Canadian government to do everything in its power to protect civilians in Syria and to end the conflict through diplomatic means. It has also joined the Caritas International’s campaign Syria: Peace is Possible, which was launched with an important message from Pope Francis.
  • The Canadian Peace Congress stems from one of the oldest, global, peace movements.  They have a great list of emails of Members of Parliament, which needs updating but is useful.
  • The Canadian Peace Initiative is a Canadian citizen campaign which would like Canada to lead peacebuilding efforts and to establish a Canadian Department of Peace. 

I am sure that there other organizations we have missed because we looked for current actions which are being posted on the internet.  Send an email to [email protected] to let us know about other organizations and we will add them. 

Here is a great list from The Independent of organizations working in Syria to help people rebuild their lives.  Currently these are the kinds of organizations which could really use our money.