Harmful and dangerous mining projects are wrecking havoc across Latin America. While mining corporations continue to ignore the wishes of local communities to stop the projects, their work (whether extraction, digging, or processing) is causing serious environmental and health concerns.

The International Network of Allies Against Mining in El Salvador is one of many organizations offering support and solidarity to communities in Latin America fighting against mining corporations. This organization is focused on El Salvador in particular, where gold mining has harmed and continues to negatively affect a vast number of local communities.

It’s important to remember that many (if not most) of the companies perpetuating serious human rights and environmental abuses via mining projects are Canadian-based corporations. If you’d like to show Latin America Canadian support and solidarity, check out some of the awesome, free resources on the Stop El Salvador Mining website. 

Here are two particularly interesting resources:

Sign a letter urging the World Bank to support the people of El Salvador and re-examine mining strategies 

-a “Fact Finding Mission” chock-full personal stories from mining activists and community members and other updates from the anti-mining movement in El Salvador