The Bank Information Center (BIC) is an organization specifically devoted to monitoring the World Bank and ensuring it upholds commitments to poverty reduction and programs to target other social issues. BIC is committed to upholding this mandate by working alongside members of civil society.

That’s why they produced a multi-part resource for activists, with details on everything from how the World Bank operates to access for information requests, to safeguarding your rights as a member of civil society opposing the institution’s policies. 

It seems the goal of the workshop is to increase the knowledge (and therefore, agency) of veteran activists and ordinary citizens alike, to combat the hypocrisy of the World Bank and to point out its inconsistencies when corporate and political worlds will not. This tool is similar to another resource on the Toolkit, directed at holding international financial institutions accountable – except this one is specific and tailored to the World Bank Group and emphasizes much more than just avenues for complaint.

A run-down of the workshop:

-Overview of the World Bank Group

-Projects by country

-Access to information

-Defending environmental and social rights

-Accountability (citizen complaint mechanism)