In March 2017, 15 people grounded a secretive deportation flight at the Stansted airport outside of London for ten hours, preventing it taking off. The flight was chartered by the United Kingdom Home Office to deport around 50 asylum seekers to Nigeria and Ghana.  Some of the people on the flight still had pending asylum cases.  In December 2018, the Stansted 15 were found guilty under anti-terrorism legislation and now face the possiblity of life in prison for a humanitarian act. 

As a result of the group’s 10-hour blockade, 11 people – including victims of trafficking recognised under the Modern Slavery Act – are still in the United Kingdom with their loved ones.  Here is the story of one of the people who was on the flight and, due to the actions of the Stansted 15, was able to remain in the United Kingdom.

The Stansted 15 were part of a larger effort to #stopcharterflights by the collective campaign called End Deportations.  These charter flights are which are government chartered mass deportation flights which take off at night to avoid scrutiny.  End Deportations needs your support to appeal the verdict and will need additional support.  Please donate.