A lot of people seem to think that because there isn’t obvious, tangible, see-it-from-a-mile-away slavery happening in their own neighbourhoods, that type of oppression is a thing of the past. But the reality is that slavery is very much alive and well in many parts of the world – including North America.

Even more than that, you help to sustain those systems of slavery. That’s right – you. Check out this cool interactive site that shows your “slavery footprint.” There’s an awesome 11-step questionnaire that gathers information about various aspects of your life and practices and produces the number of slaves working for you.

You can see the answers that affected your score the most, and fine tune your results by making your answers painfully specific (down to the number of electronics you own, or how much of a particular food that you buy every week!) There’s also the ability to send a message to big corporations linked to many of these actions (clothing, appliance, and electronic retailers, for example).

The Slavery Footprint site is a great way to drive home the message that slavery continues to exist, and without dedicated activism, our daily processes and embedded structures will continue to support a system of slavery.