Canada has some more work to do to make sure that all our communities, including Indigenous communities, have clean drinking water.  Right now eight of Canada’s 11 watersheds are at high or very high risk of pollution. Not including British Columbia and Saskatchewan Tribal Council, Canada has 31 active boil water advisories, mostly in First Nations communities. The Harper government gutted freshwater protections in Canada. Our municipal water systems are not as safe as they should be and our rural ones are dismal. We need to stand up to Big Oil and to companies like Nestle which are destroying our aquifers and the environment with bottled water. The Council of Canadians is one of the organizations which has been leading the charge on demanding quality water for everyone.   

In the interim, there is an app which allows us to refill our bottles with safe water. FindTap is a great resource, use it and join it if you want to be a refill station.