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From all accounts, it was an interesting Federal NDP convention.  There will be conversations about the LEAP Manifesto in ridings across the country — so stay tuned to the LEAP Manifesto webpage for more details about local discussions and events.

There will also be attempts to portray the NDP as a fractured and divided party but, in reality, this is what democracy looks like.

The NDP delegates voted and it is time for a new direction for the federal NDP. Click here to read Karl Nerenberg’s blog on what happened and what is next in terms of who is potentially in the running for the next leader of the party.

The question many on my Facebook and Twitter feed are posing is: How do we organize to renew the NDP, to realign it with its founding principles and to take on the mission that the delegates who stood for change were talking about?

No one has all the answers, and the Activist Toolkit will be happy to continue to post new ways to build the movement, but here is what is known right now.

In terms of process, on Sunday, April 11, delegates voted to extend the time to call a leadership convention to within 24 months. Later on the same Sunday, the NDP Federal Council met to initiate a process to determine next steps towards setting the process in motion for the leadership race.

At this time, Thomas Mulcair will continue to be leader until the leadership convention but this may change. We will keep updating you in terms of process as more dates are set and candidates are announced. Given how much the 78-day federal election campaign has depleted the federal NDP’s war chest, leadership candidates and the parties will need to do some fundraising to build their campaigns.

Money and leadership race aside, this is a time to build a grassroots vision that aligns the party with your vision for it, and building support for that vision within our communities. As you build and organize, communicate ideas to the member of the Federal NDP team to whom you have access. It is not clear if will continue to organize after the convention, but check in and see if they will.

The hard work of renewing the party starts now, and it is not just about the leaders, it is about building a new vision that is in touch with the grassroots of the party.

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Image: Twitter/Joshua Bernson