Independent Jewish Voices Canada has been fighting the effort by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s (IHRA) to intentionally conflate anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel and Zionism, and support for Palestinian rights. The adoption of the IHRA definition poses a threat to academic freedom, freedom of expression and the right to protest Israel’s violations of international law.

IHRA has introduced bills in provinces across Canada and the concerted efforts of community activists have defeated them in Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. However, fighting the IHRA in Ontario is going to require the strongest effort we can muster! Bill 168, the Combating Antisemitism Act, was introduced as a private member’s bill by Progressive Conservative MPP Will Bouma in December of last year. It passed the first reading and the second reading on Thursday, February 27. 

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Time is short so it is probably even more effective to call your MPP. Find your Ontario MPP and their contact info here.

If you are Jewish, mention this in your phone call.

We and our allies agree that the fight against anti-Semitism is crucial, however, anti-Semitism must not be conflated with having to support human rights violations commited being consistently commited by Zionists. Insist that the province of Ontario continues to fight anti-Semitism and racism in line with IJV’s definition

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Image: Independent Jewish Voices Canada