Vibe is a free microblogging app, much like twitter, for iphone, itouch and ipad.The biggest difference is that Vibe is completely anonymous – no logins, signing up or records of your messages.

It was created by 53 year old New York business consultant Hazem Sayed, who has been working on location based communication apps for years. Though the app was originally for people to chat at outdoor events, it’s been embraced by the Occupy protesters as a secure way to communicate.

Rather than filtering messages through hashtags, people on Vibe can tailor their audience to a specific radius, whether it’s a whisper (45 metres), a speak (450 metres) or a bellow (worldwide). Whereas twitter can draw unwanted attention to the actions and movement of protesters, Vibe allows activists to address each other safely. Though the software isn’t encrypted, Vibe doesn’t take any of your personal information whatsoever.

You can also select the lifetime of your message. From 15 secs to 30 days, messages can be short lived bursts about police activity or longer details about the next action. Vibe can also be linked to your twitter account.