Will our efforts to get out the vote will be enough to counteract the many ways Stephen Harper stacked the election deck unfairly in his favour? That is the question on many of our minds, and some of us are conflating strategic voting with voting for candidate or a party we don’t necessarily support in order to be “strategic”. 

The fact is ‘holding your nose and voting’ is not strategic because during the last election only about 52 ridings were close enough to for strategic voting to make a difference.  Even if turnout is higher in 2015, the fact is most Canadians live in ridings where individual vote switching will not make enough of a difference.

If you want to vote strategically, what is useful is a well coordinated vote swapping effort.  That is what Voteswapping.ca is trying to do. On this great site you can learn in about ten seconds whether you are living in a swing riding or not and how you can not only help get rid of Harper but also show support for the party you want while doing it

You can also join facebook communities for Co-vote Canada and Vote Swap Canada here.