‘Mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living’ said Mother Jones.  On the one year anniversary of the January 29th, 2017 attack on the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City in Quebec City, this rings true for us. 

 Share and reflect on where you were when you first heard about the Quebec mosque shooting? The idea is to simply insist that the day of the shooting is important enough to remember where we were.  We remember where we were on other significant moments like on 9/11, the École Polytechnique massacre, when JFK was assasinated.  Let’s remember this date and demand rememberance and action

Here are three ways to participate:

1) Visit the website and share your post 

2) Use your own social media pages (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) to post an account and with the hashtag #rememberJan29.  Your messages will appear on the website.

3) Share on the Remember Jan 29th Facebook group 

Let’s demand that this day is remembered.