Ever since women and girls started disappearing, families, communities and leaders have been organizing themselves to protect women in their communities and to try to get the government and police to take action. It is irresponsible and shameful that the Harper government asserted that a focused investigation into missing and murdered women was unnecessary.  During the recent election, Trudeau said that the systematic violence against indigenous women and girls would be investigated–however it is important to have independent information to inform these investigations and hold them accountable.  The Who is She campaign is still going strong.

On September 9, the Chiefs of Ontario decided to take matters into their own hands, and launched Who is She? — a fundraising campaign for a First Nations-led national inquiry.  According to Chief Isadore Day, the campaign needs at least $500,000 to begin the inquiry process.  Learn more about the initiative by listening to rabble.ca’s Roshini Nair’s interview of Chief Isadore Day.

Visit the campaign website to donate, to download materials and to read accounts of families and community members.