The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) is posting a new worker story every week about why labour law matters and why it needs to change.

This week their profile was of Ann-Marie Reid, a nurse, who talks about how underpaid and insecure the jobs of some Ontario nurses are.  Last week they profiled Elizabeth Morales who works for an agency during the day and works nights cleaning because no one can make it on one paycheck.  Do keep checking the OFL Facebook page for more worker stories.

The OFL’s campaign takes on issues of inequality in the workforce, and coincides with the province’s “Changing Workplaces Review.” The campaign gives voice to unions’ demands for across-the-board changes to the Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act, which would improve standards for every worker and make it easier for them to join a union. The OFL represents 54 unions and one million workers in Ontario. For information, visit and follow @OFLabour on Facebook and Twitter.