A tragic story out of Ottawa — and the carrion-eaters are already out in force.

A young man with a history of mental illness murdered his two sisters. But he was a Muslim, and so were they. He is presently on suicide watch, and is due to appear in mental health court, a special court dealing with crimes committed by people with mental illness. But that makes no difference to the professional Islamophobes.

His sisters were by all accounts devout. One, Nasiba A-Noor, taught the Quran at the Tarbiyah Learning school in Ottawa.

From the very beginning, this had none of the hallmarks of so-called “honour killings,” but that didn’t stop the bigots in social media from jumping immediately to that conclusion. Meanwhile, the “journalists” at Rebel Media were on the case, as the Tweet above indicates. The sick-making Faith Goldy was dispatched to Ottawa to feed on the tragedy. She apparently interviewed a cab driver.

The ink-stained tribe was up in arms when Ezra Levant was denied access to an Alberta presser, and later when he was refused UN credentials to attend a climate conference. But they got scant thanks for it. Ezra has gleefully seized upon the Nazi term “Lügenpresse” to describe the very people going to bat for him. At least he had the grace to translate “Lügenpresse” for us this time. After all, not all of his lynch-mob yokels speak German.

One has to wonder why real journalists would so fiercely defend a man who was described by a judge in a recent ruling as demonstrating “a reckless disregard for the truth.” But we’re living in the post-truth era now. Whatever journalistic standards might be these days, they clearly don’t have much to do with fact-finding and integrity.

Ezra’s scabrous underling has already established her alt-right credentials by targeting Muslim schoolchildren. Now she’s in my town to batten upon the sorrow and grief of the Ottawa Somali community. The bodies are scarcely cold, and the ghouls are already feeding.

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