Woweezowwee….I have been a bad girl

bad girlI’ve been out of communication since my launch update. This is not because I went on holiday. I would “love” to go on holiday. But it’s this little matter of flogging the publicity horse.

mr ed

I can’t believe how nutzoid, kind of like exam-period-exhausting-making, this launching a book can be.

First, you’ve got to remind all the folks who said they were interested in giving you ink, give you ink.


Then there’s a lot of time spent literally driving or walking around with my big bag of books stashed in the truck of my car or lashed across my back, literally selling them like a peddler of yore.


I thought I wouldn’t like this part of it. Well … in fact … I kinda do … I like chatting to people about my novel — the art of the old-style visit. Especially talking about the part of my novel that deals with what it was like being gay back in the early ’70s. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

god hates you

And sometimes it really hurt. In the sticks and stones kind of way … and how words can never hurt you.

Times have changed so much. The gay community has been amazing and traditional media more welcoming that I ever could have hoped.

It’s like a topic whose time has truly come. It’s more than “Two Gay Boys Help You Build Your Dream House, Because They Have Better Taster Than You.” Or “Ellen” is the new host of “Kids Say the Darnedest Things.”

Well I’ve got a lot more things to tell you, but I’m going to parse them out slowing, so you keep coming back. And all the news so far is pretty good. Thanks in part to me and of course BIG thanks to the gang at Iguana Books led by Greg Ioannou likely the most book loving person I’ve ever met. And I’ve met a lot of them.


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