My daughter is getting married in less than 24 hours.

Somehow, we have all survived this week when the bridemaids were living here and we all have been cooking and doing the flowers and erranding and all the thousands of things that need doing, and we haven’t killed each other. And we have done our work, which is art-based, sliding it between the cracks of doing a big wedding.

It’s the artistic moments, I think, that have saved us. Choosing and scanning cute/embarrassing childhood photos. Rebekkah helping me record the opening of my latest audiobook narration. Matching colors of flowers to dresses and making bouquets, singing along to my passable ukelele playing, everyone pitching in to fail multiple time at carnation chains until my sister-in-law found a solution–while the Disney movie “Aladdin” kept us amused in the back ground. Getting through the reheasal dinner with a mystery game.

And here we are, exhausted, burnt out, a little behind, but all mad crazy in love with each other, joyously traipsing into the new relationships with messy grins.

Somehow, when I do the other things in my life artistically–with respect and beauty and purpose–there is that extra integrity and grace and fun. When I remember to put arts-like choices or moments in amongst the stress bombs, I don’t need to wear my cranky pants to the party.

So here’s to Rebekkah and Rob! May they make beautfiul music, movies, and all the rest together till the end of their days.