After Canaan

In celebration of Black History Month, here are some recent Canadian releases that are not to be missed.

In After Canaan: Essays on Race, Writing and Region, Vancouver writer, publisher, educator and community activist Wayde Compton takes a fresh look at the intersections between race, history, culture and location.

The Politics of Black Women’s Hair by Althea Prince

Charting the social map of Black women’s hair, Althea Prince uses interviews and personal essays to make sense of Black women’s hairstyle choices historically and presently.

Lives: Whole and Otherwise by H. Nigel Thomas

Offering a glimpse into the lives of Caribbean immigrants that are bursting with struggles and glories in Montreal, H. Nigel Thomas’ fictional work reflects many hidden realities.

Viola Desmond Won’t be Budged by Jody Nyasha Warner

This children’s book tells the story of a courageous Black woman in Nova Scotia in the 1940s who was taken to jail because she refused to leave her seat in a racially segregated movie theatre.

Between Sisters by Adwoa Badoe

This young adult book is a coming of age story that follows Gloria through her journey about learning who to trust.

Moving Beyond Borders: A History of Black Canadian and Caribbean Women in the Diaspora by Karen Flynn

An extensive history of the experiences of Black health-care workers in Canada.

Beauty and Sadness by André Alexis

A literary journey that is part autobiography and explores what it is like to live through literature.

Ossuaries by Dionne Brand

A long poem about crossing borders and cultures in an examination of the contemporary world.

Noreen Mae Ritsema

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