In our 100th podcast, we’re talking a hundred! A centenarian shares advice, cancelling highway plans, and remembering the birth of the aged rabble radio. You could also win an ipod nano!


(1:35 – 3:47) Highlights from the first 100 episodes.

(3:57-4:48) Wayne remembers the first meeting of what has become the rabble podcast network.

(5:10 -6:10) Introducing our new comment line. First caller wins an ipod nano. 1-360-566-2214

(6:10 -15:51) Stephen Rees on why a new highway plan should be scrapped to make way for farmland. It’s all thanks to the global recession.

(16:21 – 19:42) Wait For It by Annabelle Chvostek

(20:35 -23:49) Interview with Centenarian Anne McPhee

(24:50 – 28:01) Andy Stochansky and House of Gold


Meagan Perry

Meagan Perry began her work in media at the age of 17, broadcasting at her high school’s lunchhour intercom radio station. She then moved on to a decade in community radio, working as news director...

Alex Samur

Alex Samur

Alexandra Samur was rabble.ca’s managing editor from 2010 to 2012, books and blogs editor from 2007 to 2012. Alex’s career in independent media spans more than a decade and includes stints...