Ehab Lotayef wrote this poem about the Mavi Marmara. He is now on board the Freedom Flotilla III, in his second attempt to challenge the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

His first was aboard the Canadian Boat to Gaza in 2011.

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Follow the progress of the ships here.

You can follow the Canadian Boat to Gaza’s blog here.

For an interview with Mavi Marmara survivor Kevin Neish click here.


Mavi Marmara

Don’t hang up

Keep talking

    Three boats approaching

    helicopters hovering

Stay on the line

I am Tweeting

    They’re getting closer …

    they’re firing

Are you all OK?

Any one wounded?

    We are being boarded

I am typing

    78 miles from shore, in international waters

    This can’t be happening!

Please keep talking

    This is pira …

    This … cri …

Your breaking up


    What’s happening?

    What’s happening?

… …

… …


— Ehab Lotayef Montreal, June 1, 2010