Book Review Mar 7
Jessica Rose | While it's a strong introduction to how desire and power work in heterosexual relationships, Lili Boisvert's new book is light on evidence.
Book Review Feb 7
Mary Rowles | In Sarah Churchwell's new book, the Trump presidency appears less an aberration than a waystation on the long American road to a shared national philosophy.
Book Review Feb 1
Tavleen Purewal | Brand's complex new novel explores how academic theory measures up to knowledge of the body and heart.
Book Review Jan 17
Phillip Dwight Morgan | David Austin's new book tells the story of the 1968 Congress of Black Writers in Montreal.
Book Review Jan 10
Marisa Grizenko | Miriam Toews's novel chronicles the agonizing decision faced by a group of Mennonite women following the revelation of sexual assaults in their community.
Book Review Nov 8
Jessica Rose | Louise Toupin's new book, "Wages for Housework," is a much-needed documentation of a an international feminist movement that is largely unknown.
Book Review Oct 11
Meg Borthwick | The individuals portrayed in Catriona Wright's debut short story collection are not unlike our flawed selves, as viewed through a kaleidoscope.
Book Review Oct 4
Yutaka Dirks | Lars Osberg's "The Age of Increasing Inequality" is a valuable read for those hoping to make sense of inequality, as well as the arguments advanced by economists about the problem.
Book Review Sep 13
Niranjana Iyer | "Educated" chronicles Westover's journey from harsh survivalist childhood to Cambridge PhD.
Book Review Sep 5
Annie Lowrey, economic policy reporter and author of 'Give People Money'
Rohan Ghatage | In her new book, Annie Lowrey crafts a convincing, left-leaning account for why UBI needs to be seriously considered as a means of lifting the world's most destitute well above the poverty line.
Book Review Jul 27
"Without Apology" book cover
Aalya Ahmad, Radical Handmaids | On April 25, 2012, a small grassroots group of (mostly) young women donned outfits inspired by Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel, The Handmaid's Tale, and went to Parliament Hill for a little "cosplay."
Book Review May 18
Gowans book cover
Jooneed Khan | With his just-released book, Washington's Long War on Syria, Stephen Gowans blows away the twisted layers of disinformation and war propaganda around Syria, and exposes a great 21st-century tragedy.
Book Review Dec 6
Christina Turner | "Notes from a Feminist Killjoy" is an answer to what is needed now -- a self-consciously contingent rejoinder to the question of "who needs feminism?"
Book Review Oct 27
Yutaka Dirks | In "Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City" sociologist Matthew Desmond offers a critical examination of urban poverty and homelessness told through the stories of eight families.
Book Review Sep 15
Christine Smith (McFarlane) | New collection "In This Together: Fifteen Stories of Truth and Reconciliation" describes what reconciliation can mean to the individual. But are words enough? Our reviewer says it's time for action.