Book Review Jan 17
Phillip Dwight Morgan | David Austin's new book tells the story of the 1968 Congress of Black Writers in Montreal.
Book Review Jan 10
Marisa Grizenko | Miriam Toews's novel chronicles the agonizing decision faced by a group of Mennonite women following the revelation of sexual assaults in their community.
Book Review Nov 8
Jessica Rose | Louise Toupin's new book, "Wages for Housework," is a much-needed documentation of a an international feminist movement that is largely unknown.
Book Review Oct 11
Meg Borthwick | The individuals portrayed in Catriona Wright's debut short story collection are not unlike our flawed selves, as viewed through a kaleidoscope.
Book Review Oct 4
Yutaka Dirks | Lars Osberg's "The Age of Increasing Inequality" is a valuable read for those hoping to make sense of inequality, as well as the arguments advanced by economists about the problem.
Book Review Sep 13
Niranjana Iyer | "Educated" chronicles Westover's journey from harsh survivalist childhood to Cambridge PhD.
Book Review Sep 5
Annie Lowrey, economic policy reporter and author of 'Give People Money'
Rohan Ghatage | In her new book, Annie Lowrey crafts a convincing, left-leaning account for why UBI needs to be seriously considered as a means of lifting the world's most destitute well above the poverty line.
Book Review Jul 27
"Without Apology" book cover
Aalya Ahmad, Radical Handmaids | On April 25, 2012, a small grassroots group of (mostly) young women donned outfits inspired by Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel, The Handmaid's Tale, and went to Parliament Hill for a little "cosplay."
Book Review May 18
Gowans book cover
Jooneed Khan | With his just-released book, Washington's Long War on Syria, Stephen Gowans blows away the twisted layers of disinformation and war propaganda around Syria, and exposes a great 21st-century tragedy.
Book Review Dec 6
Christina Turner | "Notes from a Feminist Killjoy" is an answer to what is needed now -- a self-consciously contingent rejoinder to the question of "who needs feminism?"
Book Review Oct 27
Yutaka Dirks | In "Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City" sociologist Matthew Desmond offers a critical examination of urban poverty and homelessness told through the stories of eight families.
Book Review Sep 15
Christine Smith (McFarlane) | New collection "In This Together: Fifteen Stories of Truth and Reconciliation" describes what reconciliation can mean to the individual. But are words enough? Our reviewer says it's time for action.
Book Review Sep 8
Ellen Tolmie | 'Forbidden Fruit' is Gail Pellett's raw and highly personal memoir of the year, mid-1980 to mid-1981, when she lived in Beijing as China was just emerging from its decade-long Cultural Revolution.
Book Review Aug 25
Gary Bauslaugh | All the Liberals had to do was construct legislation that complied with the Supreme Court ruling. But instead they bungled the file on assisted dying. Here's what happened.
Book Review Aug 18
Allan Cho | Lauralyn Chow's new short story collection 'Paper Teeth' follows the lives of the Lees, a Canadian-Chinese family and their friends in Edmonton. Read this author Q&A now!